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Malini Ramani - Mother's Day celebration by Malini Ramani
18 th May 2012

Who says that those from the social circuit only go out with their friends? On Mother's Day, there was a cutesy example of mommy love as designer Malini Ramani took mom Bina out for brunch to Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mehrauli.

Since it was a Sunday, the mother-daughter duo, who live barely 5km away near Said-Ul-Ajab, were in a cheerful mood and posed for pictures during the course of their meal. "We live nearby and decided to come out her for brunch. It's one of my favourite places to eat out," said Bina. When asked what she'd done for her mother on Mother's Day, Malini said, "I bought her flowers and got her out here for brunch," to which Bina added, "Oh, she's done much more. She was at her best friend's birthday party the previous evening and even though she was really tired, she called me late at night and gave me one of the sweetest messages."

On a table nearby, another social circuit regular was spending quality time with her young daughters. Payal Puri was brunching with daughters Simrin and Alisha at the restaurant, and Payal joked that though it was Mother's Day, she'd brought the kids out for lunch instead of the other way round!

When we asked the kids what they'd made for mommy, Alisha replied, "We baked a cake for her," to which Payal added, "I think she forgot to mention it was a cake made out of chocolate spread and bread. But it was a really sweet gesture."

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