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Designer Kunal Rawal and Bollywood

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Kunal Rawal - Designer Kunal Rawal and Bollywood
Designer Kunal Rawal and Bollywood
01 st Jun 2013
Indian designer Kunal Rawal has many upcoming projects with Bollywood movies include designing for Kumar and co-star Imran Khan in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2, Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam, Shahid Kapoor in Rambo Rajkumar and Anil Kapoor in India’s version of the hit TV series 24. According to Kunal, Bollywood films today are very different from about ten years ago. “People used to cringe at Bollywood fashion. But that has drastically changed. We now have a mixture of commercial and aesthetic cinema and I feel things are changing really fast. In the past fans would dress like a Bollywood star. For instance, you could immediately tell who a Salman Khan fan was by the way he dressed. But these days, fans dress up as the characters. And that’s because film productions have started to see the importance of fashion and the role it plays in the development of the character.”

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