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Bangalore Fashion Week 2012

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Indian Designers at Bangalore Fashion Week
Bangalore Fashion Week 2012
18 th Jul 2012

The seventh edition of the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week will start on July 26 and finish on July 29. The theme is Winter/Festive and the line up of designers is a more than interesting mix of newbies, sophomores like accessory designer Prabhat Kumar, Mandeep Litt, Chaitali and Biplab Giri and Shruti Dudani.

Of course, a lot of big names of Indian fashion will be there as Swapnil Shinde and Priaa Kataria Puri on Day 1; Riyaz Gangji and Jattinn Kochhar on Day 2; Narendra Kumar Ahmed on Day 3 and on the final day. The designer couple Meera and Muzaffar Ali will also be thete for the first time at the fashion week.

On the topic of new concepts introduce by the organisers, he says “We’d introduced the BFW tunes last season, and while we wanted to use only BFW tunes, we couldn’t entirely do it then. This time around, however, every show is going to have its own music that has entirely been created in-house.”

There’s one question every eager-beaver Bangalorean would want to know: Where does one go for passes? “With BFW being held in Lalit Ashok this time around, there’s already a demand for passes,” reveals Feroz, that said, “a few passes will be given away on the BFW page on Facebook,” he concludes.

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