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Kiran Uttam Ghosh at Wills Fashion Week 2014

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Kiran Uttam Ghosh at Wills Fashion Week
Kiran Uttam Ghosh at Wills Fashion Week 2014
27 th Mar 2014


At Wills India Fashion Week 2014, Kiran Uttam Ghosh provided a stunning spectacle with his fashion show featuring bold colour mixtures of pastel shades defining beauty and elegance. He used the colour bronze extensively through his new collection, which was both exciting and innovative. The silhouettes provided stunning shapes and the embroidery was highly detailed.

Other features of the collection were stunning paisleys embroidered necklines as well as outstanding asymmetrical cuts. Kiran Uttam Ghosh’s designs featured combinations of nets, jerseys and sheer pieces.

We also saw flamboyant colours of black and gold, shades of red and purple which were dazzling and wondrous.

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