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Kallol Datta - Artist By Design

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Indian Designer Kallol Datta - Artist By Design
Kallol Datta - Artist By Design
08 th Jul 2012

Kallol Datta can easily be labelled as “the man in black” — be it for his attire, the clothes he designs or his general preoccupation with the colour. This was also evident at his first solo art exhibition, Kallolculture, which started at The Harrington Street Art Center in Kolkata on Friday. However, as a little departure of sorts from his usual black persona, the designer sported a colourful Japanese fan to battle the Kolkata heat at the opening of his three-day exhibition. “Art is not art until you can consume it. Same goes for fashion. There is a section that will say this is acceptable and this is not. I want to challenge that with a certain creative credibility — with my installations and my garments,” argued the Kolkata-based designer. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designers' Collections at Strand of Silk

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