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I'd Like to Design for Kiran Rao

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Indian Fashion Designer Karishma Shahani
I'd Like to Design for Kiran Rao
29 th Jul 2014

Karishma Shahani has an interest in the process of reviving old fabrics through the process of recycling. Her latest collection, Heart to Haat, "focuses on craft sustainability and we see to it that the craftsmanship does not die as a skill. Hence, we reuse plastic, old fabric, hand bags and even rags to reproduce our own collection of new clothes.”

The designer aims to use natural raw materials, right from the fabrics to the dyes that she uses in her collections. Her designs are not meant to be glamorous, but for normal people who can pick up styles from her collections. This has however, not stopped celebrities from picking up her styles. For example, Sonam Kapoor is wearing her clothes in the latest film Khoobsurat.

If she designed for celebrities, then “It would be Deepika Padukone, I find her really beautiful and stylish. I would also like to design for hairstylist Adhuna Akhtar and Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao.”

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