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Luxury Residences by JJ Valaya

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Luxury Residences by Indian Fashion Designer JJ Valaya
Luxury Residences by JJ Valaya
22 nd Oct 2014

Fashion designer JJ Valaya has ventured into the home space for designing luxury residences named 'Cattaro' in which he plans to blend traditional and contemporary design. This follows in the footsteps of some of the world's most famous fashion brands that have also ventured into interior design in the past like Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Bvlgari and Versace.

JJ Valaya will be desiging these extensive homes in Deli, India. The designer has collaborated with real estate developer AIPLfor this project to showcase his penchant for luxury for truly living 'king size'.

When Valaya was asked on why he decided to take up a real estate project he stated that moving into the home space was a logical move since Internatioal brands have done this in the past and it was only a matter of time before Indian designers decided to expand their creativity and knowledge. He wishes to create an experience for his customers where they remain amazed by their surroundings.

Valaya also believes that design is about being creative whether its related to fashion or home decor. He says that he will always contiue to work on his couture designs as it is what hes known for but he wishes to take this creativity further through his new interior brand - Valaya Home experience centre.

For the interiors of these luxury homes, Valaya says there are also four other designers working on the project each of whom will get between seven to eight floors to design and although none of the residences will be the same; the area and layout will be consistent among designers.

While regards to Carrato, Valaya believes that beauty lies in the detail. Details for ceiling pattern, details with regards to flooring and details for the whole outline of a home. He believes this is essential to feel the warmth that homes should give.

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