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JJ Valaya set to Open 'The Home of the Traveler' Store

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JJ Valaya and TJ Singh Set to Open Store for Indian Clothes, Indian Designers
JJ Valaya set to Open 'The Home of the Traveler' Store
31 st Aug 2013

A new flagship store for designer brothers JJ Valaya and TJ Singh is set to open soon. The outlet, named 'The Home of the Traveler', will feature many rare artifacts and limited edition items of couture that the brothers have collected over their careers.

Walking into his cave of curiosities, Valaya stopped and exclaimed 'Unbelievable, isn’t it? A journey that started in 1992 has today completed 20 years.'

The shop will follow in the brothers' efforts to combine old and new, with Valaya commening: 'with a magical mix of cultures, colours, textures, materials and designs from across the world, each artifact is handpicked and curated by my brother TJ and me. THT symbolises a refinement, cultivated for connoisseurs who seek beauty and art in the spaces they inhabit. Exploring and discovering the world, there is always a little street, a corner that has something new, a hidden piece of art, a treasure, waiting to be found.'

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