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JJ Valaya opens Doors of "The Home of Travaller" in Delhi

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Indian designer JJ Valaya The Home of Travaller THOT Indian clothes
JJ Valaya opens Doors of "The Home of Travaller" in Delhi
26 th Sep 2013

JJ Valaya and his brother TJ Singh recently realised their dream with the opening of "The Home of the Traveller” in Delhi. The photographic expeditions showcased in the store are “Decoded Paradox” and “The Soul in the Space”, followed by a third one centred on “looking at the world from the outside".

JJ Valaya stated "There are myriad things that are aesthetically beautiful but they can’t be created by a person; but can certainly be curated under a roof at one time. We, being avid collectors, were looking to establish this curatorial venture for a long time,"

About what he experienced during his journeys, he said "Our travels are replete with interesting tales of how we rely on equal share of luck and our goodwill to get that one bespoke piece." And “I am surely not a backpacker or even a regular tourist who lines up for an entry into a regular touristy hot spot. I am most certainly adventurous, so far as taking the road less travelled is concerned; explore the not-so-beaten track, that’s me!"

JJ Valaya, who is working as creative director of a lifestyle and home décor project with Sahara India, speaks about his artistic work in this way: “My innate belief in preserving the dying arts and crafts is central to my work. Between the two ends of over-the-top opulent design and totally Spartan spaces, is the middle ground of balancing the old and the new artistically."

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