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JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings

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JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings
JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings
10 th Aug 2012

Indian fashion designer J.J. Valaya is not a person who believes trends. The ace designer is convinced that each and every person should discover his or her own fashion identity and style. "I don't believe in trends. My personal opinion is that trends don't work. Just wear something, stand in front of the mirror and just be honest to yourself. If it works for you, it's trendy enough. There are always some basic trends but by and large you don't have to be very fashion conscious," J.J. Valaya stated. The Indian fashion designer inaugurated a new concept, JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings, which is a wedding exposition over four days. Valaya has cooperated with Fashion One International to offer specialised services by companies like The Entertainment Design Co., Ferns n Petals, The Badal-Raja Company, Tamarai Luxury Catering and Gitanjali Jewellery. JJ Valaya is the second Indian fashion designer, after Tarun Tahiliani, that starts an exposition of this type and dimension. "When you think of top Indian wedding designers, four or five popular names come to your mind, who have been handling the market for a while. So something like this becomes a natural extension for us. This is something which is second skin, since we deal with brides and grooms in family all the time. There has been a lot of enquiry to give creative direction to weddings. So we came upon with this idea," Valaya said. Managing director of Fashion One International, Vijay Singh commented: "The purpose of coming together for JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings is to establish a credible design platform for sophisticated and bespoke wedding concepts." JJ Valaya, who presented his edition "The Azark" at Delhi Couture Week on the opening day, explained that the intention behind JJ Valaya Luxury Weddings is to be aimed to India's big fat weddings. "This is open to potential wedding clients. When we start working with customers, then every wedding will be designed exclusively. Our endeavour is not take (organise) tons of weddings. We just want to do five to six top weddings of the country and make them absolutely fabulous and mind blowing," he said. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Indian Wedding Special at Strand of Silk

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