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JJ Valaya Delhi Couture Week

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Indian Designer JJ Valaya Inspired by Turkey
JJ Valaya Delhi Couture Week
09 th Aug 2012
Indian fashion designer JJ Valaya continued with his edition inspired by Turkey bringing it from Wills India Lifestyle Fashion Week to the Delhi Couture Week. "It's Turkey all the way, the Ottoman Empire. If you saw the Wills grand finale, this is the couture version of the same inspiration. So yes Turkey is the spirit of this season. Whatever you saw was from that part of history and that part of the world. It's an assortment of motifs and it's almost impossible to start identifying each one of them." The Delphi Couture Week gives JJ Valaya the opportunity to try things out: "It actually gives you the freedom to experiment with. It's senior level of craftsmanship and that is something I really like." The opening show conducted by famous indian designer Varun Bahl's show was inspired by indian wedding outfits fusing modern and old styles. Valaya comments: "Couture in India is for the brides and that is the great Indian wedding." About the concept of teaming up wedding outfits with occasional, non-bridal wear performed by designers Tarun Tahiliani and Varun Bahl, he states: "They are lying. They are all my friends but I am sorry. If you talk about couture in India, it's wedding and wedding related." But JJ Valaya admits that on the global view, this trend is gaining popularity: "But there is a strong emerging market internationally which is accepting. For example we do a whole line of beautiful evening jackets which is sold anywhere in the world. So that's a really different market. But by and large, wedding it is." Valaya┬┤s collection itself started with plain colours like black tones and ivory, then moved towards blue and red. Sophisticated and complex embroidery craftsmanship was included with zardozi, metal, badla and semi-precious stones. Besides he incorporated special bird embellishments and traditional prints. Asking JJ Valaya about the price matter he states: "Never ask price for couture. It's a wrong question."Shop Indian Designer Clothing at Strand of Silk

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