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Jaya Misra Revives Heirloom Heritage of West Bengal

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Indian Fashion Designer Jaya Misra Revives Heirloom Heritage of West Bengal
Jaya Misra Revives Heirloom Heritage of West Bengal
16 th Jul 2013

Misra is reviving old weaves like dhaniakhali, nilamabari, shantipuri, baluchari, jute silk and cotton weaves in her collection, titled Weaves Saris Collection.

"I have mixed yarns of silk and zari together to create elaborate patterns. West Bengal has a rich tradition of weaving richly patterned cotton saris with heavy borders that contrast with a finely textured body," the designer said in a statement.

I have added my personal touch in the motifs inspired by nature, antique zari bootis and intricately woven zari borders. The colour palette reflects shades like off-white, maroon, midnight black, emerald green, gold and silver,” she added.

For the collection, Misra had to travel into the interiors of West Bengal to get in touch with the weavers as she feels "the textile industry in West Bengal is not organised"

She stresses upon keeping alive the traditional weave by providing right infrastructure to the weavers. “This is one industry that does not require a high investment infrastructure to flourish. With little effort we can convert Bengal into a hub of textile industry. It is very disappointing how the weaver’s community’s number is reducing due to lack of work and a proper pay,” she said.


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