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James Ferreira

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James Ferreira
James Ferreira
09 th Oct 2012
James Ferreira brought a lot of drama and enthusiasm at the ramp at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW). His collection "Ganesha frolicking with cherubs", inspired by baby Ganesha was one of his best shows. After his famous "Sheila ki jawaani" act in a previous edition, this time he became a kid and chose to shake a leg on Devendra Banhart's "Well, I feel just like a child". His fashion show was quite exuberant with energetic dance acts. "These things are not planned. It just happens on the spur of the moment and depends on the mood of audience. If they are excited, I get excited too and shake my legs," said the designer. With "Ganesha frolicking with cherubs", he said, he made an attempt to revive kitsch culture in the country. "I have a friend Sushila Raman who has done Ganesha shlokas. I usually love and use her music in my shows. That

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