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Zip Saris & Made-To-Order Suits

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Indian Fashion - Indian Designers - Lalit Dalmia - Sarees with Zippers
Zip Saris & Made-To-Order Suits
24 th Jun 2011
In its history of 5,000 years, sari has evolved little. This stands to change with the introduction of zipper saris by ace designer Lalit Dalmia . Zipper saris can easily be pulled over and zipped up like denim. Pre stitched ready to wear designer Indian saris have thus become a welcome change in the world of fashion. Dalmia has launched latest high-end zipper sari collection for various functions like shagun, cock tail parties, mehendi etc. Self taught and with a powerful and unique vision Lalit takes luxury to its zenith and designs for women who are both creamlike and elegant. His collections are glamorous and sophisticated fusing a cultural myriad of fashion influences to give a distinctive and modern edge to his designs. He experiments with the central themes of feminity and romanticism, Mughal and Victorian era creating clothing that is cut to the curve with soft edging and exquisite detailing. Lalit uses unusual fabric, texturing and detailing, 'fusion' of styles 'patch-worked' with gorgeous embellishments in a vibrant eclectic color palette to make the feeling of going back to the Victorian and Mughal period. He describes his own collections as 'an International styling with an Indian soul".

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