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Young Indians Are Swapping Sarees and Kurtas for Jeans and Jackets

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Young Indians Are Swapping Sarees and Kurtas for Jeans and Jackets
06 th Nov 2015

The recent openings of several western clothing stores such as Gap, H&M and the expansion of Marks & Spencer and Zara signifies the embracement of western clothing by the younger Indian generations.

Those born after 1990 that are now financially independent are showing an ever-growing appetite for western wear as they move away from more traditional Indian clothing and towards “more comfortable” clothing.

Traditional dress is still worn by most men and women, but there is now a noticeably growing presence of contemporary dress on the streets, as colourful fabrics are joined by logos and jeans.

Women may be the biggest shoppers globally but according to Technopak, menswear still dominates in India. This does however look set to change very soon as the sale of womenswear is growing at a faster rate than menswear.

India offers foreign brands a huge potential spending market so it is no surprise that they are now moving in. Some brands however have found the rich variety of geographic customs difficult to navigate and have been forced to move out of certain regions.

Western brands are having to adapt their practices for an Indian market by offering wider colour ranges and more summer clothing.

Image source: pinkvilla

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