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Young Fashion Designers participating in Lakme Fashion Week

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Young Fashion Designers participating at Lakme Fashion Week| Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama
Young Fashion Designers participating in Lakme Fashion Week
03 rd Mar 2015

We are discovering the names of the young designers who have been selected to participate at the Lakme Fashion Week 2015 in Mumbai. One of them, and today's focus, is Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama. She is a Darjeeling girl with a particularly interesting background.

Her passion for fashion designing started when she was very young. After completing her primary education at Bethany School and then at Loreto Convent, she decided to apply for the National institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Bangalore. Even though designing has always played a fundamental role in her daily routine, she was finally able to turn a passion into a career while attending the prestigious school NIFT.

Her parents Latshering and Anjali Lama always sustained her and at the age of only 25 years old, in 2012, she managed to create her own label, p.e.l.l.a, that is an acronym of her own name.

For this valuable occasion, represented by Lakme Fashion Week, she decided to showcase a collection that reflects her experience in terms of her emotions. As she said in an interview, the line comprehends some pieces deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism, a state of mind that derives from meditation, that is a practise she is used to since school.

For the future she has the intention to take into consideration the Gorkha way of life and focus on the social dimension of creating Indian fashion. Thus what she would like to do is sponsor cultural heritage and sustaining local cottage industries, by introducing them to the rest of the world.

We hope that the Lakme Fashion Week will be a lucky trampoline for this young designer.

Lakme Fashion Week will take place from the 12th to the 14th of March and is jointly organised by leading Indian cosmetics giant Lakme and IMG.

The aim of the event, that is organised twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter,) is to make Indian fashion in line with the show schedule of the rest of the world. Both domestic well-known and international designers are invited to showcase every year.

Source: Darjeeling Times

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