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Yelena Baturina launches 'Made in...India'

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Yelena Baturina BE OPEN focusing on Indian Handicrafts
Yelena Baturina launches 'Made in...India'
11 th Feb 2014

Russian businesswomen Yelena Baturina is the founder of independent think tank BE OPEN. The global humanitarian foundation has just launched its first Asian art-project ‘Made in…India’. This project focuses on traditional Indian handcrafts and its potential to be used in new trends of global design industry. Previous events held by the foundation, such as in Milan and London, have been extraordinary and have been visited by leading designers, media and business representatives.

BE OPEN’s exhibition, which will take place in Delhi and has a theme of  North/South-East/West, will explore the interconnection and mutual enrichment of different national cultures.

Baturina stated that they chose India because it’s “a place where one finds the contemporary and the historic living side by side. It is a delicate balance to maintain the two, but one that is worth achieving as they feed off each other so successfully.”

She went on to say, "Made in...India is a way to explore ways in which diverse cultures can meet and how to take traditional skills into the future, through innovation and technology." “The main aim is to draw attention to the “future of design, craft and cross-cultural interaction, inspiring and generating exciting new ways of working”, Yelena concluded. 

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