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Winter Trends from Indian Fashion Shows

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Winter Trends from Indian Fashion Shows | Overcoats by Indian Designer Label Akaaro Seen on the Runway
Winter Trends from Indian Fashion Shows
19 th Dec 2014

Winter is here and there are some stunning styles that were seen on the Indian runway. Winter whites, the array of textiles and the option of layering outfits for the winter season has been showcased by many Indian designers on the ramps this year. Some of the winter trends this season include leather, overcoats, boots, metallic hues, caps, cropped pants, floating and comfortable silhouettes and layering.

Winter is always a great time to wear leather because it always looks chic and also keeps you warm. Try leather jackets,, skirts and pants and team these  with other fabrics like faux fur and wool for a gorgeous look. Another interesting styling suggestion for leather could be a high wasted leather skirt with an asymmetrical finish that can be worn with a turtle neck swear and stockings.

Another winter classic is the basic overcoat that is perfect for cold weather. Overcoats keep the body warm while still managing to look stylish. Thigh-high, knee length and ankle length overcoats are perfect for the day and night. Increase your style quotient by wearing your overcoat in a semi-buttoned and you can distinguish between the layers by showing pops of colours like neon.

Over the typical black or brown jumpsuit. Earthy overcoats are also trending this season that look particularly great with denims and dark colours.

No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of boots. Boots are the only footwear that exudes the typical Christmas spirit. Leather and velvet boots are extremely common or stick to the trademark black boots style without heels for the day and with heels for the night. Indian designer, Tanvi Kedia showcased her collection of stunning calf-length boots.

Metallic hues are used to add some shine to the typical dull winter colours and when bright tones don’t match the season. Whether metallic hues are incorporated within the fabric or used as embellishments to outfits, these hues definitely add the right amount of sparkle to your winter wardrobe!

While caps are usually worn during Winter to keep warm, it does not necessarily have to be a woollen beanie or a fluffy cap. Sometimes snapback style caps indicate a fresh and young feel! No need to fear on a bad hair day, caps will definitely help resolve this problem!

Another surprising winter favourite this year are cropped pants. These pants are trending globally and have an element of fun to the winter wardrobe. Pair these cropped pants with warmer colours and layers and wear a stunning pair of shoes for maximum impact!

Interesting silhouettes have also made a winter comeback. Gone are the days winters comprised of fitted denim jeans and woollen pants. Asymmetrical silhouettes look offbeat and look the perfect amount of chic. These silhouettes can be experimented with by pairing these silhouettes with long sweaters that can be tucked in only at half for example. High waistline, asymmetrical silhouette and contrasting colours is a trendy winter combination!

The secret to keeping warm during the Winter season is definitely layering. If paired correctly, layering of jackets, scarves, hats, boots, sweaters and trousers can be paired together and give outfits the right amount of layering if done right!


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