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Western Fans of Indian Fashion

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Indian Fashion influences the West, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga
Western Fans of Indian Fashion
06 th Feb 2012
Western fashion followers have made inroads into the treasured world of Indian traditional clothing. Together with oriental music (needlessly highlighting Buddha Bar), fashion went from the East to the world. We are always seeing the impact of exotic prints and embellishments that caters to the most exclusive luxury creations on trend boards and catwalks. In return, Indian designers have made inroads into the international market, catering to A-list celebrities to anonymous identities. Finding themselves on the red carpet, and in one on one dressing sessions with celebrities. Oprah Winfrey visits Sabayasachi Mukharjee’s store in Mumbai to for an apple green saree some tunics and kurtis, topping all that off with scarves and accessories. Seems to be highlighting a key message with her choice as she goes on a search for the exotic and authentic that comes with the package of beautifully designed unique pieces from an ancient heritage. Taking this further, many celebrities are becoming accustomed to the more contemporary offer. Lady Gaga really modernizes it with a Neeam Khan's one shouldered gown during her F1 visit, as her vision comes together with the Indian creator. Surely she seemed to have taken to this well, as she was spotted in fabric markets wanting more.

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