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Weavers to Showcase at Silk India 2014

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Weavers to Showcase at Silk India 2014 - Indian Silk Saris and Silk Sarees
Weavers to Showcase at Silk India 2014
21 st Feb 2014


Weavers across India will be showcasing their silk products at the ‘Silk India 2014’ exhibition at the Fortune Pandyan Hotel. This exhibiton is organised by The Weavers Welfare Association.

The expo will have on display a variety of shawls, stoles, scarves, salwar, bedcovers and furnishings. The sale will be on open from 10:30 to 8:30pm and will continue until 23rd February.

The objective of the exhibition is to give weavers the opportunity to display their products to a global audience. This event was partly instigated by the fact that the silk market is expanding further afield then India. D. Rajkumar, a weaver from Chhattisgarh explained that the most popular silk is the Organic Tussar variety. He explained, “While the variety lends itself to grand designs and intricate work, it is extremely lightweight which makes it popular and easy to transport.”

T. Abhinand, the Managing Director of Hastashilpi Welfare Association said that the exhibition is very important for the weavers, “This way, the weavers are able to interact with customers and meet retailers and merchants for bulk orders. They are also able to offer products of good quality at competitive prices since there are no middlemen involved.”

Most of the weavers had communities in their villages that supported over 200 weavers and their families.

Bipul Saha is a weaver from West Bengal. He said that alot of the manufacturing for his Shanthinikethan sarees is done by hand. He explained that because of the extremely intricate embroidery, some of the sarees could take up to one year to complete.

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