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Vogue India Promotes Women Empowerment

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Vogue India Promotes Women Empowerment | Vogue India Editor Priya Tanna
Vogue India Promotes Women Empowerment
21 st Dec 2014

Editor of Vogue Magazine, India – Priya Tanna knows everything about staying on top of her game. The Vogue India editor’s dedication and hard work definitely has paid off.

Priya Tanna recognises that Indian women are less fortunate and struggle in business because of their gender. She is strongly against gender inequality in any form and believes that this gender inequality is hugely visible in the difference in payroll for a man and a woman in India.

To counter this inequality and in order to drive awareness of women empowerment, Vogue recently launched a campaign to promote social awareness for women empowerment. A. R. Rahman also specially dedicated and composed a song for this campaign.

Apart from A.R. Rahman, a number of celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor and business personalities have supported the cause of this campaign in India to call attention to the difficulties faced by these women.

The Indian business house, Godrej has also promised to increase the wage of Indian women through training programmes and employability. Futher, the CEO of Star India, Uday Shankar also supported the cause pledging that the network will allocate airtime to this cause as well.

Indian society pressurises women to marry and have children at a young age instead of focusing on and building their career as apposed to Western countries. Women in India that are passionate and dedicated aren’t given an equal opportunity to succeed according to Priya Tanna. She also says that women who are very focused and strongly career minded are often labeled as over ambitious.

In India, it is shocking to find in publicly listed firms that only 4% of the women have high positions like directors. Traditional Indian gender stereotypes with illiteracy coupled with socio-economic issues add to this problem.

Priya Tanna hopes that this initiative will help attitudes will change over time.


Source: The National

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