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Vidya Balan

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Bollywood Star Vidya Balan speaks about jewellery, jhumkas and earrings
Vidya Balan
29 th Jun 2011
Actress Vidya Balan has a fashion fetish. But it's not relating to clothes or shoes, like most of her contemporaries. A source accidentally revealed that Balan actually has a thing for jhumkas and keeps on adding to her big pile of existing collection. Says the source, "It is a known fact that Vidya is not big on western outfits. She loves Indian outfits - saris and salwar suits. And even among these, she prefers saris over shararas or salwar suits." In fact, whenever Balan goes shopping, she ends up stacking earrings in all shapes and sizes. "Her friends are always teasing Vidya about her ever growing collection. They say that she should open a jhumka fashion store soon. That's all that catches her attention when she goes shopping with her pals and even when she goes on a holiday, she looks for jhumkas to take back from different destinations," says the source. So Balan has a line up of earrings in shades of gold, silver, antique and her favourite colours like black, green, blue and rust, among others. The source also adds that Balan is quite possessive of her collection and takes pride in owning jhumkas in so many varieties. "She has nearly 575 pairs of jhumkas and she's probably shopping for more at this very moment," laughs the source.

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