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Turning Waste To Wealth - The Art of Organic Weaving

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Turning Waste To Wealth - The Art of Organic Weaving
Turning Waste To Wealth - The Art of Organic Weaving
16 th Sep 2016

Organic handlooms are slowly and steadily gaining recognition in India. This can largely be attributed to C Sekar C from Anakaputhur in Chennai who along with several other local weavers has managed to find a way to create designs from what is usually considered waste material.

Not only has Sekar managed to create India’s first weaver cluster working with natural-fibre, he also had the honour of crafting PM Narendra Modi’s organic shawl that he wore on National Handloom Day.

Sekar’s community of around 300 weavers is largely led by women and they create unique weaves by using many kinds of natural materials including cotton, pineapple, banana, and vettiver. However, despite Sekar and his community’s innovative contributions to the textile sector, the weaver cluster is facing huge problems in the flood season.

With all the organically processed fibre that had been stored for weaving lost during the floods and the most sought after banana fibre being in short supply after the floods, the weaver community is left with the far costlier option that is pure cotton.

Sekar is worried that with the lack of aid from State Government, weavers might give up on the ideology of converting waste to wealth and these techniques might be lost. 

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