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Trends are Changing for Indian Bridal Wear

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Trends are Changing also Regarding Indian Bridal Wear | Amalin Datta
Trends are Changing for Indian Bridal Wear
04 th Dec 2014

Trends change frequently in the fashion industry, but now experimenting with Indian bridal wear has become increasingly popular.

It is common knowledge that the bride must look amazing on her wedding day, however it is not the only event in which she must stand out from the crowd: indeed all the events and ceremonies that form part of the celebration have to be taken into consideration. This is the reason that Indian designer Amalin Datta has recently created a new collection that includes styles for all the ceremonies that brides have to go through, with the aim of making her look fabulous at every step of the wedding process and not just designed for one particular ocassion. 

Thus traditional looks are surpassed while evening gowns, tunics and jacket-dresses become the main outfits for the cocktail and dinner parties the bride has to attend. Datta used various colors, like gold, brown, silver and red, and various materials, like brocades, satins, Benarasi and Bengal silks for the new clothes.

Moreover, the textures employed are quite unique recalling flowers and foliage, thus confirming the idea that quality is really important nowadays. However we expected nothing less from this capable designer, who has already been chosen by Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

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