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Traditional Pagdi Headpiece is becoming a Trend for Young Men

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Saif Ali Khan in Pagdi
Traditional Pagdi Headpiece is becoming a Trend for Young Men
31 st Jan 2014

A Pagdi is a prominent headgear that has been a part of the Indian culture and tradition for centuries now. It is the most distinguishing fashion item of a groom’s outfit in Indian weddings and is considered to add an element of royalty.

These days, even youngsters are turning up to friends or family weddings and other events in this wrap around headpiece. Vandy Mehra, group director of Study By Janak, said, “Youngsters are ready to experiment by going back to their roots and adopting it in their style and that’s how pagdis have got the attention”. Designer Anuradha Raman believes that “They find it ‘cool’ to inherit their traditions. Also, pagdis make them ‘feel’ like the Maharajas.”

Different parts of India have different types of pagdis ranging from the Topor in West Bengal to the Pheta of Maharashtra. For example, in Jodhpur, they wear a Pancharangi turban, which is a pagdi with five different colours. In West Bengal, the groom wears a white conical shaped Topor made out of sholapith.

“The most common way to wear a pagdi is to just wear it and let its trail fall till the hip or one can also pull it onto the left shoulder. One can also wear a pagdi just like a topi without trail,” stated Raman.

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