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Top Jewellery Trends for the Bridal Season

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Top Jewellery Trends for the Bridal Season | Mughal Inspired Gold Jewellery
Top Jewellery Trends for the Bridal Season
17 th Dec 2014

Bridal season is officially here, so whilst browsing for your big day, make sure that you get all the key jewellery essentials to complete for perfect bridal look.

Sulish Verma, the managing director of “Vikas Chain & Jewellery Pvt. Ltd” voiced her top picks for the latest trends in bridal jewellery:

Bridal necklaces: There is a huge request at the moment for choker style neckpieces in gold with diamonds. The Mughal-inspired neckpieces are created so that they are larger in size but the precious metal weight is less, and are loved especially during bridal season.

Bracelets: Versatile bracelets where the handcuffs can be simply disconnected from the ring area and both can be worn separately are becoming increasingly popular and very useful.

Maang-tika: The passa maang-tika is one of the most pursued jewellery pieces worn on the head — for example, brightly coloured stones imbedded in gold.

Nose ring: The simple round hoop will continue to be the number one choice, but contemporary brides who are willing to investigate can try the tribal jewellery trend nose ring, designed with tribal details.

Earrings: Dangling earrings have always seemed to be at the top of the bridal trend, but brides are now opting for much longer and detailed danglers for their  pre-wedding occasions.

Feet accessories: Footwear accessories are currently getting a lot thicker and colourful.

Source: Big Fat Indian Wedding

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