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Things to Know About A Hindu Wedding

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Things to Know About A Hindu Wedding, Indian bridal outfits and Indian traditions
Things to Know About A Hindu Wedding
25 th Apr 2014

Hindu weddings have several things in common. They all last for long hours, have a lot of guests (usually around 1000 people) and have several religious rituals and prayers, which are usually about the couple being one with each other.

Before the ceremony, the groom dances and sings his way to the venue with Bollywood music. After that, there's a ceremony celebrating the two families meeting and both families exchange garlands and then the groom enters the venue and has his own rituals before meeting the bride.

During the ceremony, there can be several rituals and prayers depending on the couple. The most common is the bride and the groom walking around a holy fire, which is called an agni. They walk around this fire seven times as it signifies their vows and promises.

The guests usually wear traditional Indian clothes like sarees and in all colours except for white and black which are for the widows and red which is reserved for the bride who usually decorates her hands and legs with henna the night before the wedding.

Once the ceremony is over, the families give their blessings to the groom and bride and take pictures with them. The food is served in a thali, a silver plate, with vegetarian food which is usually very spicy. And right after the buffet, there's the party, where everyone dances the night away.

Image source: maharaja

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