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Synthetics Lose Sheen in Summers

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Indian Fashion - Synthetics Loose Sheen in the Summer
Synthetics Lose Sheen in Summers
24 th Jun 2011

The hot and humid Indian climate is veering women and particularly the young college goers and working women towards cotton based fabrics and clothing rather than synthetic fabrics. The direct impact of this change in fashion trends has fallen on the biggest synthetic fabric textile hub in India - Surat is famous for synthetic fabrics and embroidery and there are around 400,000 powerlooms and more than 400 fabric process houses in the textile city. Around 30 million meters of raw fabric is produced and 25 million meters of fabric is processed daily in the city. Experts mainly attribute the changing trends to the move from wearing sarees towards western wear, particularly made from cotton, amongst the young generation. “Overall there is also a change in the fashion quotient particularly in salwar suits, kurtis, jeans or leggings. Cotton fabric is preferred in summers but after that in monsoon, synthetic fabric is more in demand” says, Mr Pramod Chaudhary, President - South Gujarat Textile Processors Association. He adds, “At present demand for synthetic fabric is improving. Since the rainy season will be coming up, demand for crepe fabric will increase in the future” By continuing he says, “The scene has changed since the last one month. Cotton is rather less in demand now, while demand for synthetic fabrics is picking up because the season is changing now”.

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