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Surat Bears Witness to Mass Indian Wedding

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Mass Gathering of Brides | Surat Bears Witness to Mass Indian Wedding
Surat Bears Witness to Mass Indian Wedding
02 nd Jan 2016

Recently, Gujrat witnessed a mass Indian wedding of 151 couples. The wedding was organised by an Indian diamond trader who paid for the entire wedding expenses and has been hosting nuptials for fatherless brides of Surat city since for many years.

Mahesh Savani has been doing this benevolent work since 2008 when one of his employees died just a few days before the marriage of his two daughters. Since that day, Mahesh has acted as a father figure for fatherless girls of the city. He made his fortune in diamond trading and real estate business and is therefore financially sound.

Savani has spent approximately 50 million rupees on weddings and gifts for 151 couples. The mass wedding was witnessed by 100,000 guests over three-day long festivities. He considered it a noble cause and said, “I see this as something sacred, so I am not counting the expense" 

Savani in an interview said, he feels like a foster father to the young 'fatherless’ women of the town. He gifted things like jewelry, clothes and other household stuff to each and every bride. Everyone praises Savani for his noble endeavors and think of him as a heaven-sent angel. 

One of the brides, Meetal Gondalia said, "Ever since my father died two years ago, my mother has worried about my wedding and how to raise money for the expenses, Savani Papa has eased all her worries."

Other 27-years old bride Vimla Koringa said, “Only someone who has lost her father can understand how much a girl needs her dad on her wedding day"

Image source: thehimalayantimes

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