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Style Guide for 2015

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Style Guide for 2015 | Outfit by Reshma Binu of Label M
Style Guide for 2015
14 th Jan 2015

2015 is going to see a completely different take on fashion. Bursts of metallic and black with glitter everywhere and tapered silhouettes will take the center stage. The flared anarkali will be done away with and neon will be replaced be sheer and leather outfits.

Embracing trendy tints like gold will definitely be the colour call for the year and black and gold together will definitely make a bold style statement through the year. Other colours that are forecasted to play an important role this year are shades of lilac, pink, blue and navy.

While pastels ruled the runway last year, warmer hues are going to set the trends this year. The era of neon has ended and this year will showcase bright colours like pinks and reds. For bridal wear, soft colours are disappearing and dark shades adorned with rich and heavy work are making a come back.

Jackets are going to be trending this year as well. Long and short jackets both will be seen as part of party and bridal wear. Layering will also be seen on many outfits typically on a fusion of western and Indian wear.

Leather luxe will provide many possibilities in fashion ranging from leggings to clutch bags and a clash of textures will also be common. Ethnic chic with kalamakris, vegetable prints and floral will also be trending due to their strong feminine appeal.

Embroidery that is a mainstay in Indian fashion will resurface with a twist for example sleeveless jackets featuring embroidery and mirror work can be very stylish adding glamour to outfits.

Accessories are definitely important fashion facets where pearls, belts, sachets and scarves can also be the statement piece of outfits. Accessorising to lend that oomph factor to outfits is definitely back in vogue with ear cuffs and body jewellery.

Look out for these trends through 2015!


Source: New Indian Express

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