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Spring - Summer 2015 Trend Forecasts from Wills Fashion Week

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Spring- Summer 2015 Trend Forecasts from Wills Fashion Week- Collections by Manish Gupta, Sahil Kochar and Rajesh Pratap Singh
Spring - Summer 2015 Trend Forecasts from Wills Fashion Week
03 rd Nov 2014

The Wills India Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2015 fashion show saw a variety of collections that boasted beautiful summer collections for the next season. Some of the major trends spotted for the upcoming season are sheer, lace and net, kaleidoscopic prints, floral and geometric designs, denim and easy silhouettes. These trends are refreshing with an interesting play on transparency.

The use of sheer fabrics has always been common through layering with the opacity of sheer. Designers like Samant Chauhan showcased the use of sheer with colourful embroidery and designers Mrinalini and Pallavi Mohan used sheer as simple silhouettes with specific colour themes.

Lace and net were used interestingly giving a chic and feminine look to most pieces. Designers Pankaj and Nidhi used lace and net to match their graphic prints while designer Manish Gupta used floral embroidery over net to create exquisite pieces.

Mirrored prints, designs and embellishments gave outfits a kaleidoscopic outlook. These symmetrical designs displayed by designer Ankita were to symbolize mysticism. Designers Dev R Nil used these kaleidoscopic prints very selectively to show nature patterns.

It isn’t surprising that floral was one of the themes for the spring/ summer collections but matched with lace this combination was a sure winner. Besides this another major theme seen was multiple chalky tones were used behind geometric pattern prints showcased beautifully by Sahil Kochar with 3D effect cutwork.

Denim has been an ongoing favourite even among international designers. Rajesh Pratap Singh’s entire ‘blue blood’ selection saw the creative use of the fabric while Pero and Raakesh Agarvwal also used this fabric to showcase the versatility of the fabric.

Lastly easy silhouettes in the form of loose and effortless silhouettes perfectly suit the relaxed mood of summer. Designer Anupama Dayal used beautiful light blue tones while designer Sneha Arora gave these silhouettes an earthy touch to create character in these ensembles.

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