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Spice Up Your Style with Spice-Dyed Fabric

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Spice up your style with spice-dyed fabric - Indian Fashion
Spice Up Your Style with Spice-Dyed Fabric
17 th Feb 2014

You can now spice up your style with a unique spice-dyed fabric, which has been launched by The Spices Board of India. You can also wear it proudly knowing that it is eco-friendly and has healing properties.

The fabric will be officially launched at the 12th World Spice Congress at Cochin, India. This summit, which started on the 16th February, will run till the 19th February and is being attended by around 700 delegates from more than 40 countries.

"We will finalise the fabric's marketing strategies during the congress”, said Spices Board of India chairman A Jayathilak.

How has this fabric been made?

After two years of experimenting, the fabric has been made using a unique dying method where "cloth, spices, herbs and Ayurveda  -- the ancient Indian science of healing -- are blended properly".

"80% of all the spices are used in culinary items [such as ginger, cinnamon and tumeric]. We want to give a new perspective, a fresh aroma to spices by weaning it away from kitchens”, Jayathilak added.

It also has healing powers, "Turmeric-laced cloth fights skin diseases and it is in great demand in Europe and Russia where cold climatic condition prevails," said Satish Kumar of the Handloom Weavers' Development Society.

Where can you buy this?

For now, this fabric will be available to buy at the Spices Board of India's store in Kochi. But many countries and airport outlets have shown interest.

However, these special spice-dyed garments will cost 20% to 25% more than ordinary clothing. 

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