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Sonam Kapoors Unique Punk Bride Appearance in Dolly ki Doli

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Sonam Kapoors Unique Punk Bride Appearance in Dolly ki Doli | Sonam Kappor in Blue Lehenga and Biker Jacket
Sonam Kapoors Unique Punk Bride Appearance in Dolly ki Doli
12 th Dec 2014

Shaadi ka joda’s wasn’t best pleased with Sonam Kapoor’s unique punk bride appearance in Dolly ki Doli. Further more, specialists present the guidelines of rebellion for daring brides who want to really express themselves on their special day. Indian weddings are always showered with high levels of drama and heightened with emotional explosions. Envision, that in the midst of all this drama the bride chooses to play the punk girl rebel! The results will undeniably shock a few individuals as well as amuse the rest for years to come.

Most recently, popular actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor’s first appearance for Dolly Ki Doli was announced and had a variety of young and excited brides-to-be beaming and deliberating the newest “bridal bombshell” which appeared as a blue traditional lehenga paired with trainers and a leather biker jacket.

Ashima Gandhi the stylist and co founder of Rati Collective stated that Sonam’s recent bridal shoot discusses breaking the mould and celebrating self-expression. She also stated that she believes it raises an important question to brides to be, why would they want look like each other when are all unique in their own way. Further more she stated that she believes that women are now challenging the out-of-date preconceptions and expressing themselves as individuals. Ashima outwardly experiments with her own look and noted that she would like to recreate it as a bride herself. She added that if she was asked to create an innovative look that blended in with her own style; she would choose a black lehenga and combine it with a hand-crafted cropped jacket from Kutch.

Another opinion comes from jewellery designer Musskan Agarwaal who specified colours such as red and gold are now out-of-date for bridal outfits. She also stated that new brides now want to investigate and try out new quirky styles. She further stated that she feels Sonam Kapoor looks fun and that the bike jacket compliments her unique and that the trainers represent her quirky style. Musskan also noted that as she had to be a free spirit bride she would try innovative contemporary jewellery and a unique colour contrast teamed with personalised footwear for her big day.

Sonam looks absolutely stunning as the rebellious bride and has done justice to the look! Designer Gautam Gupta mentions that Sonan looks gorgeous as a rebellious bride and has done a lot of justice to the innovative look. Gautam also stated that today women are extremely strong and they reflect their personality in what they wear, and that brides are now playing with bright colours and even replacing heels with flat footwear and going for a subtle and minimal make-up approach.

Finally designer Chhaya Mehrotra, who lately launched a couture fashion line with a modern style in replacement of more traditional styles, mentioned that it is a great idea to explore the new rebellious and unique look. She stated that she has personally used tones of pastel and dark blues, and that her bridal ensemble is very different from more traditional bridal looks. She also stated that brides now do not want to go down the route of heavy lehengas and heavy make-up but go for a more natural and stropped back approach. Finally she stated that she does like the traditional bridal look but a splash of colour wouldn’t ruin the look, and that her rebel bridal muse apart from Sonam Kapoor is either Priyanka Chopra or Sushmita Sen, as she feels both of them would suit a rock-chic wedding look.

Sources: Buzzoop

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