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Some Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2015

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Some Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2015 | Marc Jacobs Khaki Collection at Spring/ Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week
Some Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2015
17 th Jan 2015


The gingham fabric is making a comeback. The textile became popular due to the French actress Brigitte Bardot that showcased a casual gingham dress in pink at her wedding in the 1950’s and presently this retro casual fabric is being given an elegant twist and designers from all over the world are considering it to be one of the most popular trends of 2015. Coats, dresses, crop tops, skirts, bags and shoes will witness gingham motifs with bigger checks and unconventional colours featuring on everything feminine!

Menswear has also taken a turn with men finally being given the option to replace their stuffy suits, ties and buttoned up collars with sweaters and crew neck t-shirts. These t-shirts and sweaters can be teamed with comfortable relaxed footwear like trainers and boots. Even when wearing the classic stuffy suits, designers like Andrea Pilio are adding interesting features like punched holes to these buttoned up collar shirts to bring an interesting design appeal to these suits.

Another fabric making a comeback is khaki and it seems like it will have the most glamorous makeover! During the Spring/ Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs showcased his new collection that displayed gorgeous military designs. Chanel as well displayed their collection of stunning suede khaki outfits while Ralph Lauren chose to go for a safari styled charm! It seems khaki will go from casual day wear to a glamorous cocktail standard!

With regards to clothes or accessories, tassels will definitely be trending for a large part of 2015 and these tassels will not feature only on Indian ethnic outfits but will also form part of the day-to-day casual wardrobe!


Source: She Look Book

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