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Sikandar Nawaz and his Arab Influenced Collection Titled Zubeida

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Sikandar Nawaz and his Arab Influenced Collection Titled Zubeida- Sikandar Nawaz
Sikandar Nawaz and his Arab Influenced Collection Titled Zubeida
10 th Nov 2014

Designer Sikandar Nawaz who is based in Delhi recently travelled to the United Arab Emirates and was inspired by the grandeur and lavish lifestyle of the Arab sheikhs. His Autumn/ Winter collection this year is titled ‘Zubeida’ was created from this inspiration for the upcoming wedding season.

The talented designer also leaves a mark on each of his pieces with his skilled craftsmanship and intricacy. Sikander believes that his long stay in the UAE that lasted 8 years made him a keen observer and in awe of the opulence of these royals.

Sikandar says that the collection took him 2 years to complete and it represents the luxurious lifestyles and fascination that is connected to the regality of Arab royals. He further adds that the sheikhs have a certain aura and power about them that the masses are very attracted too. He feels that Indians should get a taste of this lavishness and royalty as well. Sikander states that his experience in the UAE is visible in outfits like his kaftans that are elegant. He also realised that women can prefer wearing lyrca on some occasions and he used this material in his new collection.

Sikander differentiates between Indian and Arab wedding styles by pointing out that lehenga outfits are extremely popular at Indian weddings while gowns are popular at Arab weddings and while Indian outfits are typically bright, vibrant and striking, Arab outfits can be subdued.

Sikander Nawaz showcased this beautiful collection at a fashion show held at New Delhi’s Hotel Grand and will showcase this collection for the royals and people in the UAE next month. 

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