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The Saree will be the common dress of the IIFA 2014

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The designer Saree will be the common dress of the IIFA 2014
The Saree will be the common dress of the IIFA 2014
25 th Apr 2014

The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) 2014, best known as the "Bollywood Oscars", are just around the corner and everyone is wondering what will the Bollywood stars be wearing.

The IIFA's green carpet will roll out next week in Tampa, it will last for 4 days and it seems that the saree will be the evening gown chosen by most of the stars.

Kiran Bahl, owner of Indian clothes shop GroStyles, said that the saree, a traditional dress, is the favourite Indian evening gown and that it's one of the most versatile clothes in the world, as it comes in a huge variety of colours and fabrics, can be draped in many ways and can be adorned with beautiful pieces of embroidery.

But the saree can be worn during the day too, it all depends on the fabric chosen and the way it's draped. For example if you're wearing a saree during the day, it shouldn't be made of silk, and if you're attending a wedding, you shouldn't wear red, as it is reserved for the bride or white as it's for widows. 

Another popular evening dress will be the lehenga and for the accessories, look for dazzling necklaces and earrings and colourful bangles.

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