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Samantha Cameron in Saree for Diwali 2013

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Samantha Cameron Wore a Traditional Saree for Diwali 2013
Samantha Cameron in Saree for Diwali 2013
05 th Nov 2013

The UK Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron, gave honour to the Diwali Celebration 2013 by wearing a beautiful saree at the event held in the Swaminarayan Mandir temple, in Neasden, north-west London. She also showcased the traditional garland of paper flowers used to mark the Festival of Lights. David Cameron, on his part, wore a British navy suit, but he also wore a bindi, a red dot daubed on the forehead.

The Prime Minister specified that he would soon make his third official visit to India, adding: “This is a vitally important friendship for the United Kingdom”.

Image Source: Andrew Parsons, i-images

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