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Reflections on WIFW

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Indian Fashion News - Reflections on WIFW
Reflections on WIFW
17 th Feb 2012

First show of the week began an hour late, quite common - hence the saying fashionably late - in occasions as such, but got people talking, although maybe not in the most positive light. Moving onto day two, excitement was widespread with a series of buzzing shows. With likes of Gaurav Jai Gupta taking crafts to another level and Tarun Tahiliani taking the crowd out doors. Concepts and Talk of… Androgyny, nature, fluidity, traditions, ethical, Austerity to wealth and access, historical and traditional to extremely urban and well travelled Color palettes Black red gold and ivory by Vineet Bahl and James Ferreira really hit the Autumn Winter essence of colour, in keeping with the nudes that have really become a must have in everyone’s wardrobe The message is clear: Monochromes, Deep blues, reds and Earthy to neutral tones, Silhouettes Play of length, from very long to very short. Play of fit: from an extreme emphasis on the waist to comfort-considered loose fitter shape. Emphasis on shoulders: From structured and padded shoulders to no emphasis on shoulders Day Break Down Day 1 presented an extreme stance on translucent fabrics on every single show; from they were organzas and crepes by Anand Kabra or chiffons by Shantanu & Nikhil. All made it clear and transparent, From Gowns to vests, which makes brings on the ongoing topic light fabrics for autumn/winter. Seems like an ongoing norm, and so I say invest in a warm coat. Day 2 saw a more international Autumn/Winter considered range of fabrics and silhouettes usage of materials and accessories - wool hats and heavy winter scarves – Layering played its part with Aneeth Arora, dressing the collection with a well-travelled feel. Favorite details: Sparkle and sequins, printed geometrical shapes. Really brings together the range of thoughts and movements going on within Indian fashion designers today. Favorite Accessory: Intricately detailed headpieces to fit the evening ensembles. A real show stopper, uniquely taking craftsmanship away from the clothing. Strangest soundtrack: Dripping water at Anand Kabra’s show. Let’s refrain from commenting.

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