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President Obama Welcomed With a Matchbox sized Saree and Shawl

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President Obama Welcomed With a Matchbox sized Saree and Shawl|Matchbox saree
President Obama Welcomed With a Matchbox sized Saree and Shawl
23 rd Jan 2015

Nalla Vijay is a weaver based in Sicilla with a prestigious notoriety for his capabilities regarding the use of powerloom in order to create finest Indian clothing. During these days he is working on a silk saree and shawl, that have the special characteristic of fitting into a matchbox. The project has the final aim of being presented to no less than the US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The couple will be in India on the 25th of January and will be welcomed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and these special gifts that Nalla Vijay and Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of Labour, have prepared for them.

The weaver is just 27 years old and comes from a family with ancient tradition and skills regarding this complicated task. Before him, indeed, his forefathers did exactly the same job and he hopes that this custom will be transmitted also to the next generations. This is not his first attempt with sarees that can fit in matchboxes: the first time he made something similar, was for Sonia Gandhi, UPA chairperson.

For this occasion he worked for 15 days on his powerloom and the Union Minister appreciated his work so much that Nalla expects an invite from Prime Minister’s Office to come and explain to Obama what lies behind the saree in terms of Indian traditions and craftsmanship knowledge.

Well like father like son! Indeed Nalla Parandhamulu managed to create for Prime Minister Indira Gandhi a matchbox saree too. Moreover he wove also a national flag, that was 112 metre long and weighted just 600gm. It was exhibited during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. The saree is 4.5 metres long and weighs 60 gms, while the shawl is 2 metre long and weighs 30 gms.


Source: Gulte

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