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Pochampally Ikat Art Mela 2014: Helping Local Artisans

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Pochampally Ikat Art Mela 2014: Helping the Local Artisans| Shilpa Sri at the Innauguration of Ponchapally Ikat art Mela
Pochampally Ikat Art Mela 2014: Helping Local Artisans
05 th Dec 2014

On the 2nd of December, the Pochampally Ikat Art Mela 2014 that took place at the Lions Club in Ramnagar, Visakhapatnam ended. The event consisted of an expo of the traditional handloom products made in Pochampally, that have been really appreciated by the fashion experts.

The products displayed were eco-friendly and hand-woven, covering a wide range of categories: from bedding, table mats and home textiles to fashion apparel. The designs were unique and the colours various. Fashion apparel was really appreciated by the visitors, especially the scarves, stoles, sarees, kurtis and hand bags have been the most valued products.

All of the items, more or less, have been made by famous and expert weavers from Pochampally. Some products were Indian designers’ creations and were able to satisfy even the most demanding women, searching for high-quality fabrics like handmade cotton and silk.

Lava Kumar Bharata, who is the director of the Park, spoke about handlooms as a part of Indian traditions and Indian culture. In this way the craftsmanship and the local communities are supported and encouraged, underlining the idea that the individuality of each artisan is welcomed and that the passage through generations of that ancient know-how must continue.

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