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Palam Silks Updates The Kanacheevaram Silk Saree With New Collection

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Palam Silks Updates The Kanacheevaram Silk Saree With New Collection
24 th Oct 2015

Palam Silks’ new saree collection, Silverline, offers a contemporary twist on the beloved garment.

As the name might suggest, the new Kanacheevaram silk saree will have complete silver zari rather than the traditional gold one. This is because the owner of Palam Silks, Jeyasree Ravi thinks that it “will look stunning for evening wear or [as a] wedding reception outfit.”

The new extensive collection is out in time for Diwali, and is the culmination of years of research to find unusual colour combinations, as well as in-depth discussions with weavers and young saree-wearers. Through these discussions, Palam Silks came to the conclusion that contemporary life calls for a more light-weight saree.

The change in material, which now includes silk, linen and cotton, means that the Kanacheevaram silk sarees are easy to drape and would not require an extra pair of hands, which is common with the heavier, more traditional ones. 

Image Source: The Hindu

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