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Pakistani Designer Zara Shahjahan's Floral Prints

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Pakistani Designer Zara Shahjahan to Show Floral Prints at LFW
Pakistani Designer Zara Shahjahan's Floral Prints
05 th Aug 2014

Zara Shahjahan from Pakistan, one of the designers to debut in India at the Lakme Fashion Week is going to go with the styles that her brand is known for - floral prints. The designer expects to show a collection that includes vintage floral prints with traditional embellishments. "We are known for floral (designs) and that is precisely what we are sticking to for Lakme. It is a soft blend of vintage floral prints with traditional embellishments infused with western silhouettes," Zara told PTI in an interview. 

The colours for the collection range are soft tones with a combination of pastels. Adding a touch of glamour to the show might be her friend, Ali Zafar (an actor-singer in Bollywood movies). 

"Zara Shahjahan the brand is already very active in India. We hold regular exhibits in Delhi and Mumbai. An association with Lakme not only gives us massive exposure on a highly recognised platform, but also helps us further reach out to our Indian buyers," she said. 

"India has a more established industry, but I feel that Pakistani fashion has experienced multilateral growth in the past decade. In terms of retail, aesthetics, fashion showcases, etc, we have grown considerably.....India on the other hand is a mature industry with seasoned designers who dominate the industry and are responsible for its eminence," Zara added.

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