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Pakistani Brides' Demand for Indian Fashion

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Pakistani Fashion Designer Maria B's Bridal Collection
Pakistani Brides' Demand for Indian Fashion
16 th Sep 2013

Across the border from India, Pakistani brides are desiring Indian styles for their weddings. Largely due to the huge influence of Bollywood films and celebrities, particularly big-name divas like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor, brides-to-be are looking to swap traditional Pakistani bridalwear for Indian couture.

Pakistani fashion designer, Maria B, who has noted this increasing trend among Parkistani brides, is currently undertaking her first trip to India. Says the designer, 'this is the first time that I am doing a show here. What's sad is when we meet people across the border [in India], they are exactly like us. We look the same, and have same the food choices and fashion choices, but for some political reasons we two cannot stay together. I hope that a day comes when the two nations make peace because we are missing out on so much.'

Speaking about her own personal style, which she is showcasing across various northern Indian cities over the coming months, Maria says 'I believe in affordability ... I like couture but I think it doesn’t do justice to women who want to wear good clothes. Middle class women cannot afford Rs. 50,000 for a dress. I have made a point in providing Pakistani women with affordable fashion. I don't design for the elite, I find them boring and there are lots of people designing for them.'

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