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Niranjan Sisters Presenting the First Part of Their Collection “Melange Pre-fall ‘15”

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Niranjan Sisters Presenting the First Part of Their Collection “Melange Pre-fall ‘15” | Divya and Navya Niranjan
Niranjan Sisters Presenting the First Part of Their Collection “Melange Pre-fall ‘15”
15 th Mar 2015

Navya and Divya Niranjan are two sisters who share their common passion for Indian fashion. The two girls are famous Indian fashion designers and just launched their new collection called “Melange Pre-fall ‘15”.

This line is comprised of 11 pieces and is completely different from their last “Blueprint Coleccion”. Indeed this was really loved by Bollywood celebrities, for example Tapsee Pannu and Sonam Kapoor, especially because of the possibility to mix and match and order customised products.

However, for now they launched just 6 of the 11 pieces constituting “Melange Pre-fall ‘15” and are working for the second release. The idea behind this collection is to take the most successful pieces from last season's collection and revisit them. Above these the most liked one was of the Mad Hatter Collection, from 2013. The selected piece had had its own success, so the designers decided to use the same designs, already seen in the past, and apply them to different fabrics.

The concept seems to have a good chance of success: indeed Sarah Jane Dias, famous model and VJ, dressed in one of their creation earned a place in the “best dressed this week” section of Vogue!

With this great starting point, they are excited to launch the last part of this collection next month. According to what they have said, it will include pants, shirts and crop tops (some of them coordinated by colours) and other mix-and-match ideas. Every piece is made in cotton, considering the high temperatures of this season.

The collection has been launched in Chennai, that is Divya’s business base. Indeed while Divya works and lives in Chennai, Navya instead is based in the US, but instead of being a problem, this split is perfectly managed by the two sisters, who commonly wake each other up at night hours to discuss something.


Source: Indipool

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