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Neha Dhupia Aims To Launch Fashion Brand

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Neha Dhupia Aims To Launch Fashion Brand
02 nd Nov 2015

Thirty-five-year-old model and actress, Neha Dhupia is often recognised for her one of a kind dress sense and for this exact reason she has announced that she aspires to one day launch her own fashion brand. The runway regular, “Ek Chalis Ki Last Local” actress and muse at Rahul Mishras’s spot at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015, announced that she wanted to release a brand that focuses on comfort.

She admitted that it’s going to be “a lot of work” but explained how she wanted to create a brand “for women, who are real.” Neha Dhupia believes that comfort means loose clothes with many pockets; she wants her label to be “super basic and easy.”

Neha Dhupia first started her career on the ramp as a model and has since featured in multiple runway shows but admits that even with all her experience she still gets the pre-runway jitters. “There is this responsibility that you are walking for a person who has invested his one year in conceptualising the designs”.

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