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Narendra Modi Acts as Every Other Indian During a Wedding

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Narendra Modi Acts as Any Other Indian During a Wedding| Modi with the Bride and Groom
Narendra Modi Acts as Every Other Indian During a Wedding
28 th Feb 2015

There are some things that Indians know very well, and indeed do in the best way. One of these is how to properly celebrate during a wedding. No-one is an exception, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

The PM recently attended Kush Sinha’s wedding, Shatrugan Sinha's son, and what transpired is that he likes to do exactly the same things that every other respectable Indian appreciates during a wedding reception. But what are the elements that really characterise an Indian guest at a wedding?

First of all Indians love to wear socks - even with traditional style clothes like Kurtas, it is just something that cannot be done without. But the problem is that often we forget to match the colour with pyjamas or they are matched too much!

The second element is the importance given to bouquets - pretty much a traditional wedding present. Obviously everyone is always in a rush, but fortunately ready-made bouquets exist and NaMo took advantage of them and gifted one to the couple!

The third is the shared passion for publishing a photo on a social network - whether it is Instagram or Twitter. You must show to everyone what you were wearing and where, otherwise it is like you have never been there. So the Prime Minister could not avoid to appear in one or two photos used by other guests to prove where and, most of all, with whom they were at the wedding. Moreover, the typical picture you must take is the one with the bride and groom on the stage. What is more classic than this tradition? Even Modi surrendered to this ritual and posed for a photo with the bride and groom. The problem is that nobody looks in the same direction, thus finally we have a picture where he is not perfectly looking at the camera!

The fourth is that there are always aunties and their always-present complaints. Well, pictures can also be useful if you want to escape them. Just take a picture with the aunties and they will be happy to cut you some slack. At the end of the day, weddings are the perfect place to have fun and forget about annoying things and past disputes.

The fifth element is the inclination to forget about tiffs for the good of the celebration. This wedding, indeed, was also a way for Sinha’s family to reconcile with the Bachchan family. After years of quarrels between the two families they finally found a way to make peace and while on one side Shatrughan invited them to the wedding, on the other side Amitabh Bachchan accepted it and all the family participated in the celebration.

Source: Indian Express

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