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Men are Inherently Smart Shoppers

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Men are Inherently Smart Shoppers | Former Fashion Director of Elle - Mohan Neelakantan
Men are Inherently Smart Shoppers
18 th Dec 2014

For retail, it is often believed that it is wiser to sell to a male consumer. Even though sales targets might be met more often through women due to their inherent love for shopping, men are quicker to decide what they want and usually purchase items fast since men usually walk into a store and know what they want and simply just swipe their credit card.

Even though women make up more of the sales, selling items to men can be easier. This is believed to be based on two simple reasons- the first reasoning is that when men see themselves in the mirror, they focus more on their positive attributes for example they assume their shoulders to be bigger and broader than they really are. Women, however, sometimes believe that even something like a handbag or t-shirt can make them look fat. This is the first reason why men are easier to please. The second reason is that the male wardrobe is simple. Not many decisions are required to select a shirt or trouser. For this reason men become slack and don't pay much attention to what they wear. There is a difference however, a shirt that is bought off the rack will never fit as well as a custom made shirt and a shirt from a high street brand will never have the finish of luxury designer wear.

Mohan Neelakantan who used to be ELLE India's former fashion director had fantastically styled features on the magazine and is the only person who truly understands that designs and clothing retail needs to be relevant and engage with the culture and community they sell in. Despite his natural flamboyance, Neelakantan also understands cuts and fabrics. His dressing style for work was always impeccable and he never left his office wearing the same clothes, he just kept altering the existing outfit he was in. Sometimes he would rip the sleeves from his shirt, other times he was spotted in a pink-feathered boa and was also sometimes seen wearing a neon wig. This experimentation is obviously just acceptable when working in the fashion industry or for a magazine!


Source: Style Struck Diaries

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