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I.S. Mathur: Young designers should revive functional clothing

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I.S. Mathur speaking to young designers about Indian Fashion and Indian Design
I.S. Mathur: Young designers should revive functional clothing
22 nd Jan 2014

According to design expert I.S. Mathur, India has become overly influenced by the West and has lost the ability to focus properly on its own needs and interests. “There was a time when other countries aped India. Now, we are aping the West”, said Mathur bitterly.

In terms of fashion, he feels that besides the aesthetics aspect, indian designers should focus on creating attire that is appropriate for the tropical climate. “It is a misconception that fashion education in India came from the West. Fashion in India is as old as Indus Valley civilisation”, argues Mathur. For example, traditional Indian clothing such as sarees or dhotis, were designed to suit the tropical climate as they allow air-circulation. 

Mathur believes that Indian fashion students should and need to revive the functional clothing. "Only education can make us a true Indian. Ironically, we know more about Mississippi river than our own Ganga”, he stated sadly.

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