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Man Creates Saree Containing 5,000 Unique Designs

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Indian Fashion News-Man Creates Saree Containing 5,000 Unique Designs
Man Creates Saree Containing 5,000 Unique Designs
29 th Oct 2015

Krishnamoorthy, a national award winning weaver, has created a saree containing 5,000 unique designs. He has been creating famous Kanchipuram silk sarees for a long time now, but a few years ago decided to spend a portion of his savings on making his dream saree a reality. He wanted to incorporate the numerous designs he had been imagining over the years onto one saree, without any repetition.

Krishnamoorthy spent months coming up with the different designs and putting them all together on paper before even touching his loom. The red and gold saree is filled with intricate designs including chequered and floral patterns, swirls and animals. The saree is 25-metres long, which is five times that of a regular one.

He hopes that his saree can serve “as a library of designs” that will inspire others and has already started to take it to various collages such as NIFT and the Salem Institute of Fashion Technology to show the students. 

Image Source: Indian Express

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