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Mahesh Savani Financed More Than 100 Mass Weddings

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Mahesh Savani financing more than 100 mass weddings| Diamond Trader Mahesh Savani
Mahesh Savani Financed More Than 100 Mass Weddings
19 th Dec 2014

Mahesh Savani is a diamond trader and a businessman, so why should he be interested in financing Weddings for fatherless girls in India? The answer is simpler than it appears: altruism. It seems that he is one of those rare people who wants to help others just because he bevlieves it is a pious thing that must be done.

Near the city of Surat, in Gujarat, 111 couples got married hosted by Savani. Indeed the brides are all girls who lost their fathers and didn’t have anybody who could pay for their wedding. So he paid not only for the ceremony, but he also financed their gifts that included home furniture, jewellery and clothes, for an amount equal to 450,000 rupees for each bride. Moreover he even promised to pay for post-marriage expenses.

The mass weddings for poor people are common in India, but despite this he became a sort of father for these girls.

Savani started this initiative some years ago because a man who was working for him died suddenly, leaving his daughter alone while she was going to get married 12 days after his death.

Every girl is deeply grateful for his help and thanks God everyday for sending them a person like him.

Source: Power Brands 360

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